The Messiah Church Concert Choir (MKK)

The choir was founded in 1957 by Arne Bertelsen, the well-known former organist at the Messiah Church, and from 1983-2003 the next organist, Ib Bindel, conducted the choir. In 2002 the choir celebrated its 45th anniversary. From July 2003 the choir has been taken over by the new organist Krisztina Vas Nørbæk.

Colloquially we are called MKK, an abbreviation of our present name, and from the beginning we have been attached to the Messiah Church in Copenhagen. The choir has approximately 60 members.

"MKK" is a mixed choir with a large repertoire, mostly of church music. Since the foundation of the choir we have sung Handel's "Messiah" every year, now every two years, before Christmas, and before Easter we have also performed a large oratorio by e.g. Bach, Schubert, Brahms a.o. with soloists and professional musicians from the Danish Radio. Usually MKK performs two large oratorios a year.

About 3 or 4 times a year the choir participates at traditional music services and at special services where a large choir is desirable. Every year in June the municipality celebrates a cultural week where we give a concert presenting the summer-tour programme to our local community.

Apart from that the choir has various other occasional concerts where the church music is less prevailing. E.g. we have performed at the Court Theatre on the Copenhagen Culture Night and at Christmas concerts in nursing homes.

The choir has made a record of old and new church music, and with the company EMI Classics the choir has recorded a CD with the composer Frederik Magle's contemporary Christmas Cantata, "A Newborn Child before Eternity God", for extended choir, children's choir, soloists, brass band, and organ. The cantata was composed to celebrate Copenhagen as the Cultural City of the European Union in 1996. It was recorded at the Messiah Church in October 1997. In 2001 Handel's "Messiah" was recorded at a live concert. In 2005 the choir participated in the CD with John Tchicai's cantata ”Hymn to Sofia”,  Calibrated, Cali012.

Concert Tours
Almost every year the choir makes a concert tour in Denmark or abroad - often on invitation. We have given concerts in many towns and cities in: Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Scotland, Holland, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Spain, Gran Canaria, and Mallorca. In 2002 we went on a concert tour to the "Bach towns" of Germany, and in 2003 we visited England and Wales. In 2005 we went to Hungary, in 2009 to Austria, and in 2011 to Scotland.
Every two years we have the concert tour in Denmark: In 2008 in West Jutland and 2010 in Northwest Jutland, in 2012 at the island of Bornholm, in 2014 in South Jutland. Next year in 2016 we are planning a trip to North Jutland and the island of Læsø

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